Our Story

In 2001, our CEO started his appraisal career with Forsythe Appraisals, a nationwide appraisal company operating in 28 states. Scott worked for Forsythe in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island before moving with the company back to Indiana, where he commuted from Terre Haute to Michigan Avenue in Indianapolis.

In 2008, Scott began freelance appraising and named his company after the street his family lived on.

Now, 13th St Appraisals has seen the addition of Jeff, our CFO and certified appraiser (who coincidentally also lived on 13th St for several years), along with a thriving team that includes appraisers,trainees, and experienced employees working to provide accurate appraisals faster than the industry standard in order to meet our clients’ needs.

Our Values

13th Street Appraisals is built on the understanding that we can quickly provide lenders and homeowners an honest and accurate valuation of their homes based off the current real estate market, while being kind and respectful.

We love meeting people, hearing their stories, gathering around kitchen counters to ask them about the house we are appraising. You would not believe all the things that we see and hear while appraising houses!

The data, adjustments, comparables, and conclusions in every report are important, but not nearly as important as the homeowners we get to work with.